Jose's Testimony

Life Transformation: Jose's Story

April 18th, 2022 | Citylight Church | Video and Story
Jose Cruz Carbajal grew up in Firestone, Colorado and from an early age was thrown into the brokenness of the world. He grew up with an abusive father and was substance abuse was all around him. But in the midst of it, God was always pursuing  Jose -  using others to tell him that  God loved him.

In 2018 Bret Carava and his wife moved into a trailer park in Fort Collins, praying that God would use them to bring light to a space with a lot of darkness. Quickly, Bret met Jose and they began a friendship. Bret shared the gospel with Jose and showed the gospel through helping meet practical needs of Jose and his kids.

But time and time again, when things got difficult, Jose turned to alcohol as an escape. His heart was divided - knowing the love of Jesus and the life that can be found in him, but still turning to the lifestyle that was comfortable and familiar.

One night, Jose showed up in tears on Bret's doorstep, holding a beer can. Jose handed it to Bret, symbolically showing that he was done choosing alcohol and wanted to fully choose Christ. Bret prayed for Jose and the Spirit of God began to work.

Jose came to Citylight in the Fall of 2021 through an invitation of one of his co-workers, Jey Kolb, who was our Kids Ministry Director. Jey has been sharing Christ with Jose for over a year and was able to invite him into a loving community. Week after week Jose began to experience the love of God through God's people, and see his kid's grow in their affection of Christ through the Citylight Kid's ministry.

Jose's life has been transformed by the grace of God! 

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